RHS Tatton 2016
July 20th – 24th

The Waiting List

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Since my first visit to RHS Chelsea Flower Show I have wanted to create my own show garden.  Inspired by the setting of Tatton Park  I submitted my first show garden design on January 6th 2016.

I am dedicating the garden to promote the Organ Donor Register (ODR).  It specifically recognises those renal patients and their families I have worked with in my former life as a specialist nurse.  And it lends support to the 700+ organ recipients taking part in this year’s British Transplant Games in Liverpool who thank their donors and encourage the nation to signup to the donor register.

Called The Waiting List, my garden for the Back-to-Back category @ RHS Flower Show Tatton Park is a classic arrangement of naturalistic planting,  highlighted with colour through the seasons.  Envisioning a simple setting to provide a comforting outdoor space within the grounds of a hospital. It is calm and uplifting. The “room” is an alternative place to talk for the patient and the nurse preparing for that special operation or with the ongoing care that follows.  A space of beautiful plants, a special seat and an inspirational statue just a few steps away from the normal clinic setting shifts the focus from the procedure to the person.
Thank you
The Waiting List garden is a self-funded project.  I am very grateful to the kind and generous help of the following people and companies:
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